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The Internet is an ever-evolving environment, and so too must a business’s online presence be if they want to effectively meet their goals. Each client I serve has unique needs and goals for their business, but in all cases it is my job to take the stress of building and executing an effective online strategy out of your hands. Your job is to know what your business goals are. My job is to help you meet those goals using your online presence in a way that is specific to your business industry. Note also: I live in Grass Valley, CA. If you are looking for a local, Nevada City or Grass Valley web consultant, one who can capture the unique vibe of the area from first-hand knowledge, I am your guy!

General Service Solutions Include

The guiding principle for Glopilot is to have great communication with my clients. My projects all include:

  • A clear outline of costs before anything is agreed upon.
  • A demystifying of the tech-talk which typically goes with building and running websites, keeping our communications in a language that non-web developers can understand.
  • Myself as your seasoned, friendly and understanding project manager.
  • Availability to answer questions, brainstorm solutions and troubleshoot challenges with my clients, as your online business consultant.

In order to serve you best I am constantly furthering my education on the many related topics regarding creating successful online businesses, so that my skills and strategies stay current with the persistent changes of the online world.

Are you ready to set aside the challenges of trying to put it all together yourself? Let’s free up your time to run your business, and let me put my expertise to work to make your online business presence thrive.

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“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” 
—Henry David Thoreau